Amazing Alex Game.


Amazing Alex Game is the latest hit from Rovio, the well-known brains behind Angry Birds. Amazing Alex hit the number one spot in the Itunes App Store paid app position, eight hours after its release. The move to first place is the quickest of any game that is not a movie tie-in, or an expansion of an existing app. Amazing Alex is a physics-based puzzle solving game where it's your job to help Alex solve puzzles. By dragging and dropping pieces from your toy box you give rise to extravagant apparatuses to complete various tasks.

Amazing Alex Download

If you still need to download Amazing Alex for your favorite device please download it here.

Our Amazing Alex Guide:

Amazing Alex Game

Above is the Welcome Screen after launching Amazing Alex. The red gear on the right drops down when pressed. This opens a menu with options to switch on or off sharing and the game sound. The bottom icon opens game credits and also gives links to Rovio's Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement. The drop down menu on the right gives you quick links to Amazing Alex's Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts. Touch the large red and white play icon to go to the next screen to select your chapter or access your downloaded levels or create your own levels.

Main Menu

Amazing Alex Game The Classroom Amazing Alex Game The Backyard Amazing Alex Game Alex's Bedroom Amazing Alex Game The Treehouse Amazing Alex Game Download 	Levels Amazing Alex Game My Levels

The Main Menu is separated into a series of notebooks called The Classroom, The Backyard, Alexs Bedroom, The Treehouse, "Downloaded Levels" and "My Levels".


All the included levels in the Amazing Alex Game is divided into 4 chapters. Each chapter contains 32 levels except for The Classroom which only has 16. As the levels progress different toys are made available for each level. And each chapter becomes increasingly more challenging. Many of the early levels are very simple but the last levels are quite intricate and will require some head scratching to complete.

Level Goals

In each level your goal is to build some unique contraptions to start a long chain reaction of events to complete a simple goal. Such as putting a ball into a laundry basket or bucket, popping or freeing a balloon, flying off with a doll, or breaking a piggy bank. Each level also contains three stars. While it is not required to get all three stars on each level this is usually the most challenging way to enjoy every level. And gaining more star gives you quicker access to more levels and toys. You are required to get all the stars on every level to use the RC helicopter in the level builder.

Amazing Alex Game Guide

How To Play

When you start a level some hints will appear on the screen. A blue circle will emerge around the toy you need to move. And a blue arrow will point to where that toy needs to go. If a blue 'X' appears over a toy it means you need to break that item to beat the level.

In the lower right hand of each level you are provided with Alex's toy box. To build a contraption in order to win each level you will need to drag toys from the toy box to the playing field. After you have placed the toy you can still rotate it by tapping it. A blue rotating circle will appear around the selected toy. Hold your finger on the blue circle and dragging your finger around the toy will rotate it.

If you want to remove an object from play drag it back to toy box. You cannot move any toys on the playing field that you did not place from Alex's toy box. If you tap an already placed item a red 'X' will appear over it to remind you that it can't be moved.

After you have all your toys in the proper place tap the red play button on the top right of your screen. You will get to watch your creation at work.

Amazing Alex Game Share

In Game Options

Above is the capture of the screen you can reach in any level by tapping the red circle with three dots in it on the top left of your screen. (Ads may very). On this screen you get a few icons.

  • The red circle made with an arrow icon will erase all your placed toys and restart the level.
  • The red light bulb takes you to the shared solutions. (see below)
  • The three rows of dots followed by a line will take you back to the level select notebook.
  • The speaker icon will toggle on and off the game sound.
  • To return to the game just tap the circle with the three dots again.

The Shared solutions is a very helpful screen that gives you the option to see all your gamecenter friend's solutions for the current level and to view Alex's three star solutions. A short guide to see how Alex completed the level. This can be very handy if you get stuck on a level. But remember there can be many different ways to solve most levels. And if you get stumped on a level please checkout all our Amazing Alex Walkthroughs.

Amazing Alex Game complete

Level Complete

After finishing a level, hopefully with three stars, you are taken to the above screen. Here you are given a few more options.

  • The three rows of dots followed by a line will take you back to the level select notebook.
  • The red circle made out of an arrow icon will replay the level.
  • The red circle with two triangles icon will take you to the next level.
  • The smaller two sided triangle will share your solution on the game center.
  • On the right of the screen under the light bulb you can tap to watch Alex's, your gamecenter friends and your previous solutions too the completed level.

Amazing Alex Game Toys

Alex's Toy Box

  • Books -- Can be used to fill gaps and commonly tipped over like dominos.

  • Bookshelves -- The first interactive toy. It is mostly used to fill gaps or create ramps.

  • Scissors -- Used to cut rope and pop balloons.

  • Boxes -- Uncrushable. Can be stacked on top of each other for height and tipped over.

  • Soccer Balls -- Big light bouncy ball.

  • Tennis Balls -- Small light ball that can fit in pipes.

  • Eight Balls -- Heavier then a tennis ball and less bouncy also fits into pipes.

  • Balloons -- These float up. Can be used to lift objects. And can be anchored by rope. On some levels you must pop them.

  • Cloth Baskets -- Usually toys are put inside in order to complete a level.

  • Pipes -- Curved and straight -- Used as passageway for smaller balls and darts. Can also be used as ramps. Not affected by gravity.

  • Bowling Balls -- Heavy balls with some added strength and power.

  • Mechanical Boxing Glove -- Fun toy when triggered it will knock over and send objects flying across the board.

  • Ropes -- Attached between toys to hang them or anchor them. Often used to make objects swing.

  • Hangers -- Used as a place to tether rope.

  • See-Saws -- Used to launch toys when a heavier object is dropped on one side. Not affected by gravity.

  • Darts -- Used to pop balloons. Can be shot from sling shots and sent through pipes. Also affected by magnets.

  • Sling Shots -- Versatile little toy used to launch various toys. Can be adjusted to shoot at different angles and strength.

  • Spring Boards -- Used to bounce toys that are dropped onto it. Can send the toys flying varying upon how hard and and what angle objects are dropped on it.

  • Skateboards -- Can be used to transport toys and sent down ramps to trigger events.

  • Dolls -- A flailing toy sometimes hung by the rope. Not the most useful toy.

  • Trap Doors -- When the level is triggered any object on it will be dropped.

  • Pinball Bumpers -- Any toy that hits this is bounced off with great force. Causes some mayhem on the levels and required a lot of tweaking to get placed just right. Not affected by gravity.

  • Piggy Banks -- If this pops up on a level your goal is usually to break it.

  • RC Truck -- The truck will drive forward when the button is triggered. It can also be tethered with the rope. This adds some needed power and movement to the levels.

  • Hanging Lamps -- Can be attached and swung by the rope.

  • Paper Airplanes -- Take flight. This toy flys when propelled. Its flight path can be affected by the magnet.

  • Magnets -- They move or manipulate any toy with metal in it. Magnets are not affected by gravity.

  • Metal Marbles -- The smallest ball often used with the magnets.

  • RC Helicopters -- Flys up when the button is triggered. A rope can be attached to it to lift toys up or fly away with them.

  • Zip lines -- The trolley will roll according to the angle the zip line is placed. You can use other toys to knock the trolley across the zip line. You can also attach the rope to the trolley to move object across the board.

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Rovio announced its upcoming game "Amazing Alex" the latest title will bee launched within the next two months. "The pressure quality is very high. We want to maintain high standards of Angry Birds that can be enjoyed by the fans," said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. "This game is suitable for us with ease approach, fun and very addictive physics puzzle genre. We are currently reworking the title and preparing to reintroduce the game to the larger fan," said Mikael Hed.

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